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Jhalkhad village is used as a base camp for trekking and hiking. Many local and international tourists don't know how much beautiful and serene this village is. That's the reason; it is not included in their itinerary. The village is located at three hour drive away from the amazing Naran Valley. It elevation from the sea level is about 10,200 ft.

This place has recently become a good picnic spot due to its geography and proximity to tourist destinations. The village is located at the junction with one path leading towards Babusar Top and the other one towards Noorisar Top. The village is perfect stop for hikers who are on the trails to either of these two tops.

This place has no hotels or means of accommodation so it’s best to bring your own stuff. You can also do camping in this village. Villagers have made few huts for visitors but you will only get very basic amenities.

Jhalkhad remain accessible for exploring and hiking for almost ten months every year. This village attracts many visitors from different parts of country and they are mainly trekkers or hikers who want to hike towards high lakes of Northern Areas. The best time is around mid-summer or months of July, August and September.

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Culture and History

Historcially, this place remained a part of several empires like Afghans, Mughals and the British government. Most of the population is Muslim and their basic occupation is tourism and agriculture. They treat tourists with respect as the economy of Jhalkhad predominantly depends on tourism.

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